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Welcome To Twilight GFX,

On Twilight GFX we make sure that you will have a great time and make things for the user so then we will know your having a great time. Here you can,

If you would like to trade/swap links with eachother just head straight down to the bottom of the page and click the link called "Link Trade" and then follow steps from that link to trading link with on another!

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A few changes have been made!

New Site Design Has Officially Landed

Posted on July 29, 2009

Well it finally comes to Twilight GFX central. The new design was originally made from WP Theme DEMO and you may see that bit and pieces have been changed but not all of it. So I hope you will enjoy Twilight GFX even more now that's all i have to say.

Oh one last thing if there is any concern with the content and information because i have a feeling it will happen so please private message me or make a post on the forum about it. Thanks

A few changes have been made!

A few changes have been made!

Posted on July 17, 2009

Well i figured that alot of the people are a bit scared of coming and joining this site because of things that have been placed at the moment like,

  • You have to get 30 posts before playing flash games
  • Guests being able to view the forum

Now the new things been changed is,

  • You can play the flash games when you register
  • Guests aren't able to view the forum

Also a few up coming updates are coming too i will annouce them on the forum.

Also only main updates will be announced on the main page and minor updates are on the forums.

Twilight GFX has arrived!

Twilight GFX Has Arrived!

Posted on June 25, 2009

Well Twilight_Sasuke & Harlsta would like to say, Welcome to Twilight GFX.

Here we are mainly about Graphics but we also will bring in some games and talk about games because you need graphics with games =D

We will be doing a lot of updates so the site can be update with you. I hope you enjoy your stay and invite some of your friends who might like to join!